Eve Weldon has just moved to New York hoping to make a new life for herself in the city her late mother loved, and mysteriously left, decades before. Eve’s thrilled to land a job writing at a morning show called Smell the Coffee, until she discovers that writers there are treated like the program’s dirty little secret: uncredited, banished to offices down a hidden hallway and constantly humiliated by the show’s star anchor, Bliss Jones.

Writing is also at the heart of the often tender, sometimes tetchy, relationship between Eve and Donald, the ghost of a Beat Generation author who haunts her Greenwich Village apartment. He presses her to take dictation of his crowning collection of metafictional short stories, the only shot at fame he has left.

Then Eve foils the city’s most-wanted criminal and suddenly, the news writer becomes the news. When she’s interviewed on live TV by an insulting Bliss Jones, Eve sees an opportunity to speak out – for herself and her fellow writers. But in finding her voice, she may lose her job, her apartment, and with it, Donald, the closest thing to family she’s had since she was a child.

Part love story, part ghost story, The Ghost of Greenwich Village is a valentine to one of the world’s most storied neighborhoods and everyone who’s ever stepped off the subway or out of a taxi here, hoping to discover its special magic.